Salesforce1 Mobile App

Built and running on Salesforce Platform and unifies Salesforce mobile offerings into one next-generation app for Salesforce users. Salesforce1 is a mobile container that makes it easy for partners to deliver a mobile app or experience and give Salesforce users an easy way to do their job from their phone.


Some of the key aspects include;

  • Create Apps Faster – From point-and-click apps to Visualforce and Canvas, create powerful, instantly mobile apps that work on multiple platforms.  And since the Salesforce1 mobile app is ready to download from Apple AppStore and Google Play, you don’t have to worry about distribution hassles.
  • Custom Actions – Custom actions help users save time and be more productive by reducing long forms and workflows into a short, action-oriented interface.  Allow users to take action in the context of each record and tailor unique experiences for different roles.
  • AppExchange Partner Apps in the Salesforce1 Mobile App – Create your own visually-rich mobile experience from within the Salesforce1 mobile app. Integrate your app into the Salesforce feed and create a single user experience.
  • Notifications in the Salesforce1 Mobile App – In-app and push notifications to let users know when certain events occur in Salesforce or in your partner app, for example when they receive approval requests or when someone mentions them in Chatter.