Not For Profit

Become a great mission by using great technology.

The best technology puts people first. We believe non-profit technology should help build and maintain trusted and lasting relationships with supporters and beneficiaries by delivering the experiences they need in changing times. Built on one connected platform, Non-profit Cloud is your one integrated platform helping you connect all parts of your organization supporting the imperative to shift to digital. Unify your Fundraising, Program Management, Marketing, and Grantmaking teams to deliver experiences that surpass the expectations of today’s digital stakeholders and drive next-level change and impact.

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Features of Salesforce Not for Profit

  1. Constituent Management: Stay on top of all the supporter information you have access to and then using that data to drive more effective fundraising and engagement strategies.
  2. Grant management: Gain a simple way to track, manage, and deliver funding programs. Grantees can easily find and apply for grants through an additional grantee portal, engage directly with you, and share outcomes.
  3. Program Management: Track many different types of programs or services, regardless of complexity. As a nonprofit’s programs develop or grow, Nonprofit Cloud evolves with them. Manage many programs at once using one platform.
  4. Event Management: Whether you’re planning a variety of small-scale events or one extensive annual fundraiser, you’ll need a way to manage your event logistics, guests, marketing, and more. Having access to all of your event management features within your Salesforce system will provide a more holistic view of your efforts and allow you to streamline many of your event-related tasks.
  5. Fundraising Campaign Management: Salesforce CRM can help you balance all of your fundraising efforts in a way that drives your campaigns forward. Use the platform for Online fundraising, Matching gifts, and Peer-to-peer fundraising.
  6. Marketing and Communications: With so many channels through which you can communicate, it’s difficult to nail down how you’ll connect with your donors and how you’ll track those efforts within your CRM. Luckily, Salesforce for nonprofits can help!
  7. Reports and Dashboards: With Salesforce, you’ll be able to pose questions in order to generate custom reports. Then, you can display those reports visually using dashboards.