Platform & Ecosystem is committed to sending money through the whole of east Africa region and working towards bringing the service to even more people across the globe. Our services are service primarily focused on serving the East African region at the moment and we offer the best exchange rates in the market! We additionally offer an easy, fast and most importantly secure way to send funds instantly to your family and friends’ mobile wallets.

It is for this reason that a couple of hardworking people who are bound together by their love for service and their penchant for helping people get the best out of their efforts, time and money. The product of this ingenious collaboration is Sentegram, designed to help the world move their funds.

When we work away from our native country and have to send money home to our families, we are often confronted by stiff international money rules and exchange rates that together, can make things miserable for us. When a company steps forward and offers hassle free, low rates money transfers that are designed to serve, we can close our eyes and relax knowing that someone got our backs in the important places.

The security of your funds is guaranteed with the added flavour of fast and efficient transactions from different parts of the world. With all the factors considered, Sentegram has come up with a unique way of transacting business that puts the customers at ease and sets you on the path to security and assurance of your funds.